Are We Going to Experience a Spike in Divorce Rate Due to COVID-19 Outbreak?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, people have been encouraged to stay indoors and work from home if possible. Some are adhering to these instructions and have done their best to keep their families safe.

However, staying home might pose some challenges, with divorce being one of them. According to statistics, around 20 percent of divorces in the country result from loss of intimacy caused by the prolonged distance between couples. In other words, long working hours have always resulted in domestic problems that might result in divorce. The research shows around 40 percent of the divorce result from falling out and constant domestic problems as a result of being around each other most of the time. This begs the question; will the current COVID-19 outbreak that has forced people to work from home result in more divorce cases?

Underlying Issues

According to marriage counselors and therapists, the majority of divorces arise due to unresolved issues that have been allowed to accumulate over time. Susan Young, a marriage counselor from New York, believes that once couples address such issues, they help to reduce the chances of divorce by half. She mentions that such people might live apart for an extended period and still maintain their marriage. Young believes that by taking the necessary steps to address anything that affects the couple, they breathe life into their marriage, and they are unlikely to divorce.

Increased Conflict

Arguments are common in every relationship and should be handled with caution. However, people who have learned to spend most of their time apart might find it hard to be together most of the time. Such people are likely to engage in constant arguments, something that might escalate if they aren’t careful. The lockdown period might work against their marriage and might expose them to things they didn’t see in each other before.

Working from Home Problems

It might sound fun when mentioned, but working from home has its challenges. The problem might worsen when a couple is sharing a working space at home. Being together in close proximity might get in the way of your relationship, which might end up forming resentment for one another.

Home Chores and Responsibilities

Who will go to the grocery store? Who will do the dishes? When will you attend to the kids? These are some questions that will come up often during this period. While such tasks were not a problem before, they might end up causing a rift in your marriage if not handled well. It might create a sense that one person is not willing to step up and offer help when needed.

How to Safeguard your Marriage during this Period

For starters, working at home shouldn’t be about work all the time. It should be a time to reflect on yourself and pay attention to your family. It should be a time to engage your partner and have a productive discussion regarding any underlying issues. Refrain from judging but tend to listen to their side of the story.

Arguments shouldn’t take you apart, rather it should help you form a strong bond. While arguing, it’s best to avoid sensitive topics that might escalate the issue at hand.

Dividing the workspace in your home should be the first thing you do. Setting up workspace rules will prevent your work from interfering with your lives.

Chores should also be divided, and each person should accomplish their tasks as agreed. Performing such tasks with your kids or spouse will bring you together and strengthen your bond. It’s time to remember that you are a family and a team rather than people living together.