8 Ways Of Building An Email List For Your Law Firm Business

The best way to grow any business today is through email marketing. Any law firm that has been struggling to get new clients should try using email marketing in its marketing campaigns. Email marketing involves sending commercial emails to your clients through emails.

It takes over three days for lawyers to respond to the messages submitted by their clients through the contact forms. Even though attorneys are busy, the delay is not suitable for the first impression. An email marketing campaign can be designed to receive these messages to the personalized emails so that you can obtain them instantly.

Any law firm should make email marketing their top priority. There has been a decrease in social media reach while email marketing has maintained over 90 percent reach per post. The statistics show how effective email marketing has remained, even when things are changing.


How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing works like content marketing, only that your content will receive ready-made traffic. A newsletter is often sent to the email list with valuable information. However, before attempting this marketing strategy, a law firm is required to build an email list. There are several strategies that can be used to create an email list. They include;

Free Social Media Traffic

Even though social media is not as effective as it used to be in terms of free traffic, with the right methods, you can still get decent traffic. You can target Facebook groups where members are interested in specific niches. If you are a car accident attorney, you can post about your services on Facebook groups where people are interested in vehicles.

Paid Social Media Traffic

The paid traffic from social media platforms has proven to be reliable in almost any business marketing. There will always be a niche you can target by using Facebook ads. The paid social media traffic is also extremely targeted, which improves the quality of the leads. Setting up a campaign requires some knowledge. Otherwise, you may end up losing money.

Use Lead Magnets

People like gifts, especially if it adds value to their lives. You can offer a free eBook on a specific niche in exchange for an email address. The method has been underestimated, but the majority of people who use them have seen how effective it can get.

Collect emails from your Blog

Another way of building your email list is by asking people to subscribe to your list by placing an email form on your website. The process may be slow, but you will only receive quality leads from people who are interested in your business.

Use YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine today. It’s also one of the best platforms for finding new clients. Posting videos regularly will help to grow your channel. You can then use your popular channel to leverage your viewers to sign in to your email list. They cannot take this action lightly as you must provide something in return. You could promise them a free Q&A if they subscribed to your email list.

Buy Leads

There has been some controversy regarding this method because it has been misused. People have been buying leads in an unethical manner by trying to take shortcuts. The best way to acquire leads by hiring someone to collect the information on your behalf. You can also buy them from companies that specialize in selling leads.

Host Webinars

Webinars are growing in popularity, and it’s one of the best ways of getting new clients. However, you still need to market your webinar session. You can post it on social media groups and also ask your email subscribers to spread the word. A webinar session is often free, but you can upsell some services during the session.

In-person Networking

It’s not the most popular strategy of building an email list, but it can work if you are a social person. Whenever you attend an event, you can ask the people you meet to subscribe to your email list. The technique is slow, and you should not over-rely on it.

What Next?

After you have built an email list, it’s time to sort it out. You need to separate new clients from potential clients. You need to sift through the data and identify who is serious with your services, and who isn’t.

How do you Market to an Email List?

Email marketing involves a lot more than setting up an opt-in email page. You need to use marketing software such as an autoresponder. The software helps to automate the process and makes it easy for you to keep in touch with your subscribers.

Your autoresponder should have an email sequence which is sent after a specified time frame. The first email, however, is supposed to be sent once someone subscribes to your email list. The action is triggered when they enter their email addresses and accept the terms of the email lists.

The first email should be to welcome them to your email list and remind them why they decided to join your list. If you had promised them something in return, like an eBook, it should be contained in the first email as well.

The second email should be to congratulate them on taking action, and a follow up regarding the gift they received. The second email should be sent 24 hours after the first email. The email should also remind them to read the eBook you sent them if they haven’t, and point out the benefits of the book.

The third email should take 48 hours and touch on particular topics of the book that was sent in the first email. It should be a brake-down of the eBook and should mainly focus on adding value to the clients.

The fourth email should talk about the latest law news related to their niche. Avoid including links to other sites. If you must include a link, make sure it points to your website.

The fifth email should have contents that point out law-related problems that are faced by people and offer a solution. You can also point out that your law firm is capable of handling such issues and is ready to assist whenever needed.

The emails that follow should focus on helping your subscribers to understand the position of your law firm and how it can assist.

Make sure you send them eBooks and other gifts once in a while to keep their spirits high. Your emails need to stand out since your subscribers are also receiving other emails. If they detect there is no value in your emails, you may stop opening them, or even unsubscribe from your list.

The best way to engage your subscribers is by inviting them to a webinar session. You can also request that they send the webinar link to their friends who might benefit from the information.

Things to Avoid When Using Email Marketing

Over Sending Emails

Sending three to four emails a day to your subscribers will only make you look unprofessional and desperate. You need to give your readers enough time to digest your emails. Waiting 24 to 48 hours is the best method.

Going Straight to Promotion

Another mistake that law firms make when using email marketing is sending emails recommending their services immediately when someone signs up. You need to give them time to know you before you start promoting to them. This way, they will comfortable engaging you and even taking action.

Sending an Email a Month

It’s recommended to give your subscribers space, but giving them too much space will only hurt your relationship. Keep in mind that they receive emails from other law firms, and keeping out of touch with them will leave the door open for other law firms to take them. You have worked very hard to get their email addresses only to lose them when it matters. Give them a maximum of one week before sending an email.


Building an email list should not be taken lightly. An email list is the biggest asset to any business and should be safeguarded. It’s a free source of the traffic to your website. Maintaining a strong relationship with your subscribers will help to grow your law firm very fast. It provides you with a short cut of recruiting new clients without spending money on marketing.

You should always refresh your email list and adding new subscribers. By doing this, you will have access to new and fresh leads to market to, and convert to new clients. Treat your email subscribers with respect and they will never unsubscribe.

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