10 Effective Email Marketing Strategies Law Firms Should Use

Getting new clients should be a goal for every law firm. You need to work around the clock to recruit potential clients and make them trust you. It’s only through trust that clients feel comfortable working with you, and if you mentor this relationship, it may turn to a long-term relationship.

One of the best ways of reaching to your potential clients is through email marketing. It’s the easiest thing to get in contact with your clients and update them regularly without incurring any costs.

Email marketing involves a lot than writing a message and sending it to your clients. You need to have a sound email marketing strategy that will help you get the most out of your campaign. These strategies have already been proven to work and have better results when used right.


Know your Audience

Who are you targeting with your emails? Are they the existing clients, or are they, potential clients? Are you offering an update or are you trying to convince them to sign with you? Knowing your audience will help you to design a marketing campaign that will fit them.

The best strategy is to separate your clients from potential clients so that you can have different marketing campaigns for each group.

Which Emails are you sending?

The contents of the emails you send actually matter to your subscribers. The best strategy, according to marketing experts, is by mixing up promotional contents and regular emails. You should also send the latest news to your subscribers that you believe is of use to them.

Experts also advice law firms to avoid complex messages and keep in mind that most of their clients are not familiar with the law. Keeping things simple is the key to communicating. You should also keep the emails short and to the point.

Take a Targeted Approach

The best way to build trust with your subscribers is by showing how much you care about their affairs. If they are interested in real estate, and you come across an article touching on the real estate market on the Wall Street Journal, sharing this article with them will help to show you care about their interest. Not every email you send to them should touch on the law subjects. You should show them that the law firm understands their needs and is ready to help whenever needed.

Make sure you avoid sharing contents from other sites on a regular basis as this will send the wrong idea. Having an active blog that focuses on their interest is the best thing.

Customize each Campaign

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ email marketing strategy. What works for one firm may not work for your firm. Each practice has a unique email marketing strategy that you can adopt. The level of competition in each practice is essential as well. Personal injury practice is more competitive than the real estate practice.

The formats of the emails also differ from one practice to another. You cannot write personal injury emails using the same format you would write financial law emails. Being familiar with different formats will help to spice things up.

What Next?

After learning about your audience and choosing the best format for the emails, it’s time to start sending them. Every email marketing strategy should contain the following;

Automate Emails by using an Autoresponder

Sending individual emails may be exhausting. It’s also easy to lose track of your emails and forget to send them when needed. The best way to avoid this hustle is by using an autoresponder. The software is designed to automate the entire email marketing campaign, leaving you with enough time to handle other things.

How does an Autoresponder work?

An autoresponder provides you with the flexibility of sequencing the emails so that they can be sent over a given specific time. You can add as many emails or as little as you need. You can also set triggers which can send emails whenever someone subscribes.

Send Appropriate Emails

Staying ahead in your practice will help to improve your image and the respect of your subscribers. Make sure you send them any news that would be of benefit to them. Avoid touching on familiar subjects and sending them contents that they can find easily. The main reason why they decided to subscribe to your email newsletter is so they can get relevant information. Try being unique, and they will thank you for that.

Presentation is everything

Writing long plain text is not a great idea. Make sure you present your opinions using other visual aids. Images and charts will go a long way. Make sure to use bullet points and bolding keywords. Catchy headlines are also encouraged since they catch the attention of your readers. Highlight the key points for readers who skim through the content to get the point.

Make sure you keep your emails short and precise to avoid boring your readers.

Research your Content

Sending half-baked content without proof may backfire on your business. Your subscribers need to be convinced why they need to read your emails. You must show that you understand what you are writing on and your opinion can be relied on whenever it’s needed. Researching the content ensures that you provide accurate information that is free from bias.

Personalize the Email Messages

There is nothing that catches the reader’s attention than the mention of their names. The email templates make it easy for you to include the first and last names of your subscribers automatically and fast. People would always respond positively to emails that address them personally rather than generalized emails. They feel valued, and they are likely to respond to your requests.

Include a Call-to-Action

The best way to convert your potential clients to long-term clients is through a call-to-action. The message needs to be precise and straight to the point. Experts believe that using a red and orange color to your call-to-action will increase the chances of your readers to click through.


Email marketing is the best marketing method any law firm can use. It’s very cheap and has proven to work all the time. Any law firm is encouraged to invest in an email list. It’s the best way of communicating and recruiting new clients.

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