Effective Ways Of Using Social Media To Find Targeted Leads To Your Law Firm

The survival of any business is dependent on its ability to attract new clients and maintain that relationship. A law firm business is not exceptional, and it has been termed as one of the most competitive fields in the US. Marketing your law firm constantly can easily place your business above your competitors and help you get clients more often.

Marketing your law firm business can be done through different methods. One of the best marketing strategies is through the use of social media. Nearly 80 percent of American’s use of social media. It creates the best platform where you can reach out to them and let them know about your business. Before you begin marketing your business, make sure you accomplish the following;


Define the Social Media Goals

What do you want to achieve with your social media marketing? Getting this information correctly is crucial for the success of your social media marketing. The most common objectives of social media marketing include; • Increasing brand awareness of your law firm • Growing your professional network • Creating relationships with new clients • Learning about the latest news from the industry leaders

Identify your Niche

Social media marketing is the easiest way of targeting your niche. The platform has been made accessible, even for a less experienced person to create targeted ads. Make sure you know the people you are planning to target and create a campaign around that information.

Each social media platform has its Dos and Don’ts. Setting up your ad campaigns the same way across all platforms may not work. You must understand how every platform works before you begin setting up paid ads. We will look at the top three social media platforms and how they work.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media platform around the world. It’s the third most visited site in the US, behind Google and YouTube. Just like Google, Facebook uses algorithms to run its ad system. The company keeps updating its algorithm, which may affect your ads.

Facebook is the best place to target individuals who may be interested in your law services. If you are a divorce attorney or a personal injury attorney, Facebook is the best place for you.

If you have ever used Facebook ads, you know by now that image ads perform better than video ads. However, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid video ads altogether. Combining the two will help you get maximum results. According to Facebook marketing experts, you should place your video ads on your Facebook page, and the image ads should be optimized for newsfeed.

Include a Call-to-action Button

The call to action button should be included in a visible place on your Facebook page. Some image ads also include a call to action, which entices your readers to click through. It should be something simple and colored to capture people’s attention.

Rotate your Ads

Creating several ad campaigns for your business is encouraged. It gives you a chance of experimenting on which ad is performing well and which ad needs to be stopped. Rotating your ads will make it easy to know whether your ad campaigns are working or not.

Change up your Ads Often

Facebook algorithms keep changing more often, which affects how your ads perform. What was working for your ads may not work any longer when a new algorithm hits the platform. Changing some critical elements of your ads, such as keywords will help you to stay ahead of the algorithm changes. It will save you money from unnecessary clicks and help you reach more clients quickly.

Target Organic Traffic

Using paid ads may be a shortcut to reaching more clients. However, taking advantage of organic traffic from Facebook is also as effective. It may take a long time to get the results, but it has proven to be worth the wait. Use the following techniques to get free targeted traffic to your law firm website.

Create relevant Content

Content is everything if you are targeting organic traffic. Creating relevant content will help you capture the interest of the right clients for your business. It will also increase your audience and help you grow your social media presence.

Host a Q&A

Allowing your audience to ask you any question related to your field of practice will improve your engagement. Facebook will also do the rest by recommending your page to people who like other pages that are related to your practice. Make sure you keep your Facebook page as active as possible.

Share your Case Success

Sharing content is an excellent way of engaging with your clients. If you want them to have faith in your practice, make sure you share the recent success that your law firm achieved. It shows you are experienced in your line of work, and you practice what you preach. If you keep achieving success with your cases, you will attract more clients to hire your services.

Verdict on Facebook

Facebook is an excellent place for growing the reputation of your law firm and connecting with new clients. Combining the paid and free traffic generation method will allow you to broaden your target and get more clients. However, you shouldn’t limit your social media presence to Facebook.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the best places for people to connect with like-minded individuals and for businesses to grow their exposure. It’s also the best place for any law firm to poach for new clients and increase its networking.

LinkedIn allows you to create a long-term and meaningful relationship with your clients. After all, people hire attorneys and not a law firm. The following tips will help you to create a mature network that will result in leads and referrals.

Your LinkedIn Profile

The first thing that people see when you contact them is your profile. The profile tells everything about you and your interest. Make sure you include all the information necessary to improve your profile appearance. The following will help;

Include a Profile Badge

Including a profile badge that links to your website is one way of standing out. It also helps you to drive traffic to your site as well.

Optimize your Links

Using ordinary anchor texts may not be the best thing. Make the links as appealing as possible and avoid using click-baits at all cost.

Use SEO on your Profile

Use relevant keywords in your profile to improve your search results. These keywords can be used in the headline of your profile and your profile summary.

List your Skills

Listing your skills has its benefits. One of them is an endorsement by other people. When your connection endorses your skills, it improves your exposure.

Utilize LinkedIn Groups

The best thing about LinkedIn groups is the ability to send personal messages to around 15 members of the same group. Some long-term business relationships have been created this way. LinkedIn groups also help you to view the profile pages of other members. The feature allows you to know the interests of your connections and decide if your services fit their needs.

Use LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has its version of ads that you can utilize to reach more clients. The ads are somehow similar to Facebook ads and have higher engagement. Setting up your ads should be driven by the keywords you want to target. Implementing SEO strategies on your ads will help to increase their exposure even on search engines.

LinkedIn ads are so targeted that they have proven to provide over 90 percent leads compared to other social media platforms. The ads can be optimized to target title, job function, and the industry you want to target. By doing this, your ads will appear in front of the people who will show interest in your business.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is an excellent place for posting contents and news. Companies are known to use this platform to find influencers and contributors in their industries. Writing better content and breaking news can help to expose your law firm hence improving your chances of getting new clients.

Use Targeted Showcase Pages

Companies like to prefer to create targeted showcase pages because they are niche-specific. The pages are an offshoot of the main Company page, and it gives your readers an insight into your company. You can use these pages to promote a product or service to the people you are targeting.

Create and Optimize a Company Page

Use the latest layout to optimize the company page for a better user experience. Include a company banner on the pages to personalize it with your business. Provide information regarding the nature of your business and how people can benefit from it.

Verdict on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place for connecting with other businesses and grow your contact reach. If you utilize the platform well, you will notice a sharp increase in the number of referrals and leads. The platform allows you to express your business to potential clients and connect with the right people. Any law firm that is not using the power of LinkedIn to grow its client base is losing out money.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. According to YouTube, the platform receives over three billion views every day. The statistics show how much potential YouTube has for growing any business. Taking full advantage of YouTube would add a good number of leads to your business.

If you want to get the best out of YouTube marketing, the following conditions must be fulfilled;

Optimize your YouTube Channel

YouTube videos are uploaded through a channel. Many people fail to optimize their YouTube channels to make them stand out. Upload a relevant profile picture and a cover photo. Using a company logo as a profile picture is the best thing. A banner can be used as a cover photo as well.

Writing an SEO channel description will give YouTube a clue about your channel. It will also help to rank your videos.

Upload Short Videos and Regularly

Short videos have better engagement than long videos. Uploading a 5 minute is better than a 40-minute video. YouTube algorithm works in a similar manner as Google algorithm. A channel that posts regular videos gets better chances of ranking. The videos need to be informative and relevant to your audience. YouTube monitors the time each viewer spends on your video before they leave.

Use SEO Skill on your Videos

Using the right keywords and tags on your videos will help to determine its ranking. The keywords should also be included in the video description part as well. The keywords should also be added in the title of the video as well.

Writing a long video description will also help the video to rank on Google.

Make sure you use the same keywords your competitors are using. The technique makes it possible for your videos to appear on the ‘recommended’ section of YouTube and will increase the number of your viewers.

Use YouTube Ads

YouTube offers two types of ads; video and image ads. Video ads will be shown on different videos at the beginning, middle, or at the end of that video. They are usually 30 seconds long and are billed per impression. It means that you pay for every 1000 views.

Image ads are displayed on any video without causing any interruption to the viewer. They are billed per click, which means you pay whenever someone clicks on your ads.

Verdict on YouTube

YouTube has a huge potential of growing any business. It’s one of the best ways of getting new leads and clients to your law firm. It requires a lot of work, but the results are long-term and permanent.


Social media platforms provide you with unlimited ways of reaching out to new clients and growing your brand awareness. Combining paid and free methods play to your advantage and would double the number of leads you get within a short period.

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