Four Ways That Law Firms can Change their Marketing Strategy During COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic is getting out of hands, and its effects are felt around the world. It has affected every market with operations forced to temporarily stop to try and stop the spread of the deadly virus. Working from home has become a new talk, and some companies have also started laying people off, and law firms haven’t been spared either.

Now that many people are home, it might be the right time to change your marketing strategies to suit the existing situation. If you relied on billboards and stickers to get your word across, know that those strategies will not work anymore. It’s time to go digital now.

Focus on SEO Strategies

Among the best ways of reaching new clients is by using the latest SEO tactics. This includes keyword research, optimizing your website’s pages to rank well on Google and other search engines, and including legitimate links to authority sites. It might sound simple, but the results take time. But with the current pandemic estimated to last for almost a year, you should expect to see decent results by then. If you aren’t familiar with SEO, it’s best if you hired someone who does.

Time to Write Content

Remember that website that you update once or twice every year? Yes, that should be your office right now. With over 70 percent of Americans spending most of their time online pre-corona, you should expect the number to go higher in the coming months. Content marketing experts recommend writing at least thrice a week if you want to engage your readers and grow your online presence. It’s time to redesign your website and make it mobile-friendly. In case your website doesn’t have a blog, it’s time you added one. Remember they say; “Content is King.” If you run out of blogging ideas, you can always outsource this project to freelance content writers.

Local Marketing

Narrowing down to one niche has always worked well for any business. It’s time you try this yourself. Whether it’s through your content or the SEO strategies that you are employing, make sure you mention your current location. Let’s say you live in California, instead of focusing on the entire state, you might want to narrow down to major cities such as Los Angeles. You can also take this step further by narrowing down to small towns around Los Angeles. Your content could mention something like; ‘Personal injury attorney in Los Angeles.’ If this is too broad, you can always try something like ‘Personal injury attorney in Malibu.’ By doing so, you will be reducing your competition and targeting specific people. Don’t limit your location-targeting to one town. Some law firms have gone ahead and targeted all towns in major cities.

Time to Focus on Email Marketing

Have you built an email list during your years of practising law? If so, then you are one step ahead already. If not, then it’s time to focus on that. On your website, make sure you include an email collection form which will help you build an email list.

Once an email list is built, it’s time to start marketing to your subscribers. Sharing informative legal advice could help you convert these subscribers to long-term clients. People appreciate it when they are valued, and it’s time you do that. Focus on their problems and offer them ways they can improve their conditions. This will create a sense of trust between you and facilitate a long-term partnership.

What’s happening around the world shouldn’t stop you from going about your business. It provides you with an opportunity to try new ways of delivering services to your clients. Talk to us if you have any questions, and we will be more than happy to help.